Time Management by Professor Randy Pausch

I can’t begin to say how much Professor Randy Pausch has influenced my career, for those of you who do not know, Prof. Randy Pausch was an amazing teacher at Carnegie Mellon University, he was brought to the public eye after his famous “Last Lecture” after having been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

Listening to a lecture about time management by someone who does not has a lot of time left is very disconcerting, but insightful to say the least. Despite the circumstances, I do not think the lecture would have been any different if Prof. Randy Paush was in perfect health.

Time is your only commodity, money you can always make over and over again, but while this might seem extremely logical, it is not practiced.

Organizations tend to be very good at making cost assessments, but very few establish an actual connection between cost-benefit and time. This is even more evident at a personal level, where employees fail to understand where to better invest time for their own benefit as well as the organization they work in.