The Subtleness of Leadership

It is commonly said that a leader is born, not made, he possesses innate qualities that make him stand out and incite others to follow him, and while I truly believe that there is nothing that is unachievable, as paradoxical as this might sound, I have found that there is some truth to this.

It cannot be acquired through education: There are specific traits that are commonly found in people that are recognized to be leaders. These are not necessarily acquirable through education or even experience, and are usually very hard to pin point. They range from self-confidence, to charisma, character, and sometimes an undefined quality that somehow, despite everything pointing to the opposite direction, just makes someone stand out inspires people.

It’s can’t be given: Leadership is not a position nor is it a role, it cannot be appointment and it’s not a result of a promotion. A leader is born by an organic decision within a group, most of the times informally, other times it’s a conscious decision by a group to elect their leader.

In a highly technical team, you usually find that it’s not necessarily the most technically gifted member that will be the leader, usually it’s the one that understands the dynamic within the group and excels from it by recognizing his peer’s talent, cultivating it, and keeping group cohesion.

It must be driven by example: Respect is conquered, is not a given right, and it does not come with any role or position. If a team of developers has to work late to deliver a project the next day, it is the obligation of the leader to stay with the team , it doesn’t matter if in theory he isn’t adding anything to the project by being there, the reality is that his presence makes him part of the team.

Soldiers will follow to battle a commander that is leading besides them on the battle field, in the end, its not relevant if he is drawing swords or not, his presence is what truly matters and what inspires them