Never ever take Zinc on an empty stomach'

That's right boys and girls, Zinc is toxic, it's not one of those wussy supplements that people like myself take on a daily basis. 

I need to take a zinc supplement for a deficiency that caused by my Thyroid problem, so today having gotten up a bit later then usual I didn't have time to take my breakfast, so seeing as I had to take supplements, what the hell! Bottoms up! 50mm of Zinc in the belly! NOT very smart! 30 minutes later it was as if I was taken by the black plague and there was nothing that could help me! nausea, Diarrhea, awful abdominal pain, dizziness, short black out periods (although that is not that unusual to me! :D), shortness of breath, among other lovely symptoms.

So it seems that Zinc is so toxic, that when you take it with an empty stomach the toxicity sticks to your stomach's walls, had taken a higher dose I would be poisoned.

Fun times!