Jonathan Perks

The older I get the more I realize how misleading some of the “traditional” leadership concepts are, particularly around management through the way of force and fear. 

I came across Jonathan Perk's  “” audiobook and he sheds a light into the importance of being a consolidated leader at harmony with all the traits that make a leader. Inspiring Leadership Jonathan explains the concept of MQ (Moral Coefficient) - the capacity to do the correct thing and the right thing at the same time, EQ (Emotional Coefficient)  - serving by example while truly caring for those you lead, SQ (Spiritual coefficient) - Standing up for something that is more than getting the job done while inspiring other to do the same, IQ (Intellectual Coefficient) - Capacity to make intelligent and knowledgeable decisions.

A Leader with all of the above characteristics aligned with each other will have a significant higher probability to be successful and inspire others to follow him.

One of the surprising things to me about Jonathan is how open he is about himself, and how blatantly he talks about his successes, and most notably, his failures. There is just something extremely compelling about people who are not afraid of the raw truth, and who are entirely open and transparent about themselves. They give away a sense of confidence and assurance to everyone around that gives permission for people to be themselves while simultaneously striving for more.

After having listened to “Inspiring Leadership”, I felt like I knew Jonathan and felt compelled to follow him, without even knowing the Man. I guessif that is not a testament to the power of inspiration I dont know what is.

Practices like this are disseminated across all areas and industries. This is more noticeable in countries where the culture itself is aligned to this approach, and Portugal is definitely one of those places.