From Sintra's mountains to the sea

This month I have finally managed to take time to go on a couple of experimental video shooting sessions but ended taking a lot of stills instead.

I went for a drive in the mountain range area near Lisbon called Sintra, it’s a gorgeous  place that has a bit of everything, from dense vegetation to century old magnificent trees. It’s also on the coast line so when you leave the mountain side you can immediately see the shore. 

The first sets of pictures were taken in the mountain side near a fountain, the light wasn’t too grand but it did provide good contrast between the road and the vegetation. 

This second set was taken in a very special place in the top of the mountain, a couple of minutes away from the fountain. I was a bit disappointed with my work, the lighting was superb but I didn’t take the most out of it.

On the way down was able to find a spot where you could see the entire coast line and the mountains above it, the light was exquisite, really enjoyed shooting there.

Feel free to checkout the entire set here.